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Time of Divinity

It is believed by many spiritual gurus and yogis that the early morning time-frame is considered to be very auspicious for many reasons.

Together, we will explore this concept, its significance, and the many benefits.

Brahma Muhurta meditation

What is “Time of Divinity”?

This pre-dawn time is also known as Brahma Muhurta that translates to “time of Brahma” or the “Creator’s Time.” It is believed to be the ideal time to start any important spiritual task and to practice yoga, pranayama, or meditation. This “divine moment” is beneficial for many reasons, from its ability to enhance concentration and creativity to its calming mental effects and its potential to improve overall health. When we understand this concept and its key elements we can use this powerful time of day to promote our spiritual growth and maximize yoga practices.

When is Brahma Muhurta?

Brahma Muhurta is the earliest part of the morning, just before sunrise, when our prana or life force energy is considered to be strongest. It begins an hour and 36 minutes before sunrise and lasts for 48 minutes. This is the best time to practice yoga or meditation because it is believed that the mind and body are in perfect state of balance at this time. The air is calm and peaceful, and the silence brings a sense of serenity.

Brahma Muhurta is also said to be the most conducive to spiritual practice. It is a time of transition and when your mind is most in tune with the subtle energies of nature.

Things to Avoid During Brahma Muhurta

To make the most of this spiritual time, there are a few things to avoid and minimize. Avoid eating or drinking and engaging in intense physical activity, as it can disrupt the delicate balance of your prana and the meditative state you are seeking to cultivate.

It is also a good idea to disconnect from electronic devices such as cell phones, TV’s, or computers so it does not disturb your concentration and focus.

Additionally, try to maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and avoid loud noises & excessive talking, as it can distract you from your goals and intentions.

Benefits of Brahma Muhurta

There are a number of physical and mental benefits associated with practicing during Brahma Muhurta:

1. No Distractions or Interruptions

One of the greatest benefits of practicing during Brahma Muhurta is that it allows one to practice with minimal or no distractions and interruptions. At this quiet, still time of the day, practitioners have the ability to concentrate more intensely on their practice. Our minds are sharp so we can easily cultivate an atmosphere of tranquility & serenity to facilitate our spiritual endeavors. This can assist us in accessing our inner knowledge and bring clarity to key aspects of our lives.

2. Improved Spiritual Awareness

During this time, the energy in the environment is highly conducive to spiritual development, and a deeper connection with the divine can be experienced. It is believed that those who practice at this time can experience a heightened sense of mental clarity and spiritual awareness, as well as a greater opportunity for experiencing a spiritual awakening.

The mind is also in a state of heightened clarity, focus, and attention which allows for greater effect and success.

Brahma Muhurta yoga

3. Increased Productivity

One of the most notable benefits of Brahma Muhurta is increased productivity. This is because during this time, the body is in its most alert and most relaxed state, allowing you to focus on whatever tasks you have at hand. The mind becomes free from chatter and negative thoughts, allowing you to focus on the present.

Meditation During Brahma Muhurta

Brahma Muhurta is a great time to meditate, as the world is still asleep and we can access an abundance of cosmic energy. The best techniques to use during this time before sunrise are breath awareness, mantra meditation, or visualization meditation. Breath awareness helps to focus on the breath and bring more presence and awareness to the present moment. Mantra meditation involves using sacred sound vibrations to promote relaxation and mental clarity. Visualization meditation focuses on creating and maintaining a visualization to center the mind. All of these techniques can be used during Brahma Muhurta to help bring balance, clarity, and insight into your daily life.

Tips for Practicing During Brahma Muhurta

Practicing yoga and meditation during Brahma Muhurta can be challenging, especially if you are not a morning person. Here are some tips for taking full advantage of this mystical time:

Get Enough Sleep

Make sure you get adequate sleep the night before so your body and mind are well-rested and ready to take on the day.

Establish a Routine

Establishing a routine and sticking to it will help your body get used to the practice and make it easier to wake up early. It may take several weeks to reset your biological clock to a new sleep-wake cycle, so be patient with yourself.

Prepare Your Environment

Set up your practice space the evening before so you are ready to start your practice without any delays.

Use Soft Lighting

Consider using low lighting, candles, and salt lamps to create a peaceful atmosphere that will help facilitate a deeper connection to your practice.

Make Time for Reflection

Spend some time afterwards to reflect on your practice and acknowledge the positive feelings, insights, and progress you have made.


Brahma Muhurta is the most auspicious and conducive atmosphere for practicing yoga and meditation. During this peaceful time, the energy of the universe is in perfect balance with minimal distractions, making it easier to concentrate on the practice. It helps to promote focus, concentration and alertness, deepen spiritual practice, as well as enhance physical and mental well being. Additionally, practicing yoga or meditation during Brahma Muhurta helps to align your body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.


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