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Dvine Healing women's retreats in florida testimonials

Hear from Our Radiant Retreaters

Read testimonials from empowered women who have experienced life-changing moments through Dvine Healing's retreats. 


Sarah (AZ)

"This spiritual wellness retreat was exactly what my soul needed. The daily sightseeing activities were both invigorating and calming. The vortex sites were incredible and the sound healing sessions were very peaceful and relaxing. I highly recommend going to Sedona for this retreat."

Amanda (NY)

"I felt empowered and inspired during the healing women's retreat. The activities were incredibly insightful, and the support from other women was heartwarming. I learned to embrace my strengths and weaknesses, and I left the retreat with a newfound sense of self-confidence. This experience truly helped me break free from self-doubt and step into my power. I can't thank Emma  enough for creating such a transformative and nurturing environment."

Jessica (SC)

"Attending the healing women's  retreat was truly a life-changing experience. The mindfulness practices helped me find peace within myself, and I made amazing friends along the way. The peaceful setting provided the perfect environment for self-reflection and personal growth. I left the retreat feeling rejuvenated and inspired to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life. Thank you Emma for this unforgettable experience!"

Patricia (IL)

"I lost my husband a year ago and was suffering from such deep grief, anger, and resentment...I knew it was not healthy and I knew I was not happy. I arrived to the retreat not entirely knowing what to expect. Emma met me at the door and welcomed me in to what can only be described as a sacred space. Every room was immaculately clean and full of positive, restorative energy. The healing work experienced here is exactly what I needed, Emma is truly a healer. I returned to Illinois determined to continue all I learned from this retreat because I want to continue to feel amazing. There are not enough stars to give for a must experience the retreat yourself, it will change your life for the better."

Melissa (ME)

"Making the trip from Maine to FL was nothing compared to what I have gained from this awakening of my soul. Emma was able to assist the release of stagnant energy from my body which had burdened and poisoned me to my very core. Dealing with severe and suppressed trauma from childhood, Emma was able to help with the negativity as well. I did not expect what I received. I received just what I needed and more. All doubt of this retreat dissipated, and in fact, was replaced with 100% satisfaction. Emma worked a life-time transformation through me and I would give her an 11 on a scale of 1-10. Thank you Emma"

Lela (UT)

"What a lovely weekend in Sedona! The red rocks and beauty of this place are absolutely stunning. Emma took us to some amazing vortex sites and also thought us how to feel the energy. The sound healing sessions, discussions, and activations were all amazing. I am returning home relaxed and rejuvenated." 

Elanit (FL)

"My time with Emma was transformative. She is kind, thoughtful, and intuitive. The accommodations, property, and spaces were lovely and peaceful. The food was delicious. The time was brief but powerful and just what I needed. I am leaving with a nourished mind, body, and spirit. Thank You."

Karen (MA)

"I came to the grief retreat completely broken, having lost several people in my life within a matter of months and anticipating another. Beyond grieving, Emma helped me understand death, acceptance, and forgiveness. I never thought I would recover, let alone in a day and a half. She went slow with me, was compassionate, and transparent. If you are experiencing a major loss, extreme grief, go to Emma and don't wait. It doesn't have to be so painful. Thank you Emma."

Tulika (NJ)

"If you need a reset in life or in need of guidance, this healing women's  retreat is meant for you. Emma is an amazing mentor and great life coach. This retreat experience helped me walk away with a sound plan of action and I hope to join her Sedona retreat soon. As a bonus we even got to try her awesome cooking."

Stacy (OH)

"Emma, you are amazing! Your spirit, hospitality, and comforting heart bring me peace and clarity. I didn't have any expectations for the weekend, but left with what exactly I needed. Blessings! Blessings! Blessings!"

Lori (FL)

"All I can say is Revolution of my soul. Emma took me places that I needed to go to learn about letting go. I was able to confront the uncomfortable and come out on the other side better and ready for the future. The sacred space is serene and well appointed, her company is that of an old friend. I found myself at ease and with love. Thank You Emma."   

Lisa (GA)

"I have been amidst life transition and felt so stuck. What I didn't know was how heavy these things were, how much and the extent of what I was carrying. Emma was able to help me release more than I ever could have imagined. I feel lighter, clearer, and have a new found empowerment I had lost. Thank you for helping me find myself again!"   

Melanie (MA)

"I am not sure I can put into words what this healing women's retreat has done for me. My life is forever changed-the improvement in how I feel both physically and emotionally over these few days is amazing! I have let go of so much hurt and trauma and replaced them with calm, peace, optimism, and love. Do not hesitate to attend-do it for yourself-you will not regret it. We all deserve it!"   

Gina (TX)

"Emma was amazing. The weekend was beautiful every moment. The hospitality was top notch. Food, accommodations, and overall cleanliness of the place was great. I would highly recommend this to my friends & family."   

Valerie (FL)

"Emma is authentic, genuine, and very gifted as a healer. She can help you release and heal the deepest places and make your journey so profound that you will feel like a new person. This is so intimate and tastefully done, I would highly recommend. I found priceless peace, healing, and joy."   

Oana (LA)

"The women's healing retreat provided an amazing space for healing, laughing, and reconnecting. It is a judgement free zone, peaceful, and full of love & acceptance.

It offered me the tools to better myself, heal, so I can live a new life, a life that I choose and that is happy.

I recommend it from the bottom of my heart to every woman. YOU DESERVE IT! Many thanks and gratitude to Emma :)

Marisa (FL)

"This experience helped me realize that I was carrying a lot from my past that I needed to let go of in order to move forward in my life. Emma did an amazing job guiding me throughout the entire process and sent me away with knowledge and techniques to use back at home to continue to heal and grow. Amazing experience overall and I would absolutely recommend it for someone needing or wanting to make a change or needs a reset! Thank you so much for helping me heal and release so much that I was holding onto!"   

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