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Women's Wellness Retreats

Reconnect with your Mind, Body, and Soul

Rediscover Yourself With Dvine Healing

Embark on a special journey with us to rediscover yourself, unplug, slow down, and find inner peace along with a positive mindset.

Dvine healing is a one-of-a-kind getaway to help you release stress, anxiety, trauma, grief, and blocked emotions. Participate in our life-changing wellness retreats and let us help you start living a life of deeper meaning, fulfillment, peace, and joy. You aren’t just healing; you’re resetting your life to welcome health, abundance, and joy. 


Integrating a healthy lifestyle, we help you relax, recharge, and rejuvenate.  


About Us

Your path to health, wellness, and vitality begins here...

What Makes Our Retreats So Unique?

Our professional training and wide range of holistic healing modalities provide effective natural solutions to help you move forward into a bright future & achieve a greater sense of well-being in everyday life. 

We are here to help you on your path with our unique health & wellness retreats for Women in Florida and Sedona Arizona, USA where we incorporate our specialty in Energy Healing, Metaphysics, holistic Healing Methods, Aromatherapy, Intuitive Guidance, Crystals, and experience to help create a unique personal healing experience just for you. 


Number 1 Source for Women's Retreats in Florida

As the number one source for Women’s Retreats in Florida, we are dedicated to help you feel renewed & live better through meaningful change. The goal of our Women's Retreats is to return you to an optimal state of balance, help you reclaim your personal power, positive space, reconnect, and gain the clarity you need to transform your life.

The Best Affordable Women's Retreat in Sedona, AZ

As the best spiritual wellness retreat in Sedona, Arizona, we will assist your spiritual odyssey, helping you delve into the depths of your being and explore profound realms of consciousness. Guided by our experienced founder, you'll uncover insights, experience inner growth, and forge a deeper connection with your higher self

Meet Our Founder​

At Dvine Healing, our passionate founder brings a wealth of experience in wellness, personal development, and life coaching. Our founder Emma, is an Ordained Minister, a Certified Spiritual Healer, Aromatherapist, a Certified Energy Healer, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and an experienced Sound Healer. Through her kindred spirit, wisdom, love, and light Emma has been delivering life-changing transformations to souls all over the world. 

Join Emma in her exclusive wellness retreats as she helps you expand yourself energetically on all levels so you can start experiencing amazing shifts in your life.

Holistic Healing - Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate

Do you feel stressed?
Are you fatigued constantly?
Are you struggling with burnout?

Burnout is a sign your mind, body, and soul aren’t in unison and something is amiss! It’s time to plan a weekend getaway and treat yourself to some “ME” time in a safe and relaxing space. Join a wellness retreat and escape everyday life. Rejuvenate and relax at Dvine Healing.


Undecided? Click Here to find out if you need a wellness retreat. 


Women's Wellness Retreats Florida & Arizona



  • A peaceful, relaxing, spa-like setting

  • Free time to relax 

  • Connect with other like-minded women

  • Learn about meditation and mindfulness

  • Savor delicious meals throughout

  • Gain clarity of mind and heart, and reset

  • Learn how to be more aligned and attuned to the universe to manifest the greater good

  • Participate in powerful transformational healing sessions to clear, cleanse, and raise your vibration

  • Choose from our variety of private, lovely decorated rooms

  • Receive FREE gifts

Why Choose Us for the Women's Retreat
in Florida or Sedona, Arizona?

Gain a new deeper perspective on life through holistic healing that targets your overall wellbeing. From releasing grief, trauma, and stress to balancing your chakras, our transformational healing experience will leave you more aware, connected, happier, and healthier. 

Holistic Healing


Empathy and acceptance go hand in hand at Dvine Healing for a happy retreat. We offer a “no judgment” zone and fully embrace every person who joins our retreats. Discover unparalleled peace and serenity during our transformational healing sessions and learn tools and techniques to achieve overall wellbeing effortlessly. 


Private rooms are available if you want to unwind and recharge on your own time. Let go of your anxious thoughts and begin the process of healing your body and soul on a deeper level. 

Private Space


Everything at Dvine Healing is about compassion. We extend a helping hand to everyone who visits us, ensuring our guests feel loved, cared for, and respected throughout their stay with us.




Treat yourself to some “me” time at Dvine Healing and experience true rejuvenation and relaxation. In our small group setting, with a maximum of four women in one retreat, you’ll find it easier to rest, focus, unplug, and slow down. 

Smaller Groups

Extend your stay in Florida and visit our beautiful beaches or head out to historic St. Augustine and make your journey extra special. Visit the Grand Canyon if you join our Sedona AZ retreat for incredible vistas.

Beautiful Scenery & Beaches


Learn how to calm the agitated, restless mind effortlessly with our meditation techniques and relax into your true nature of peace, love, and joy.

Woman in Yoga retreat Studio

The Women's Healing Retreat was absolutely transformative. Emma created a sacred space to openly explore our hurts and release emotions. I connected with this group of amazing women. We had the safety to share our personal challenges, release obstacles, and shed some tears. The retreat had a variety of meditation practices, gentle movement, and personal time. The result was a major letting go of the past, setting new intentions and goals. I left feeling renewed, grateful, and ready to approach life with new perspective, openness, and acceptance. Forever grateful .

Denise (FL)

Join Dvine Healing’ Retreat in Florida or Arizona

For all amazing women, imagine a life full of health along with a forever grateful healing process, a retreat at Dvine Healing. Infuse unending hope into your life and soul while losing all the negative aspects of you with every retreat session.

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Meditating in Nature
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