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Vibrant Aging – What You Need to Know

When we aim for vibrant health and well-being, the changes associated with aging can be a lot easier to navigate. Aging happens to all of us. We all know it, but resisting what we can’t control only adds to the discomfort & unhappiness. We are going to explore key points that will allow you to feel better than ever, and help you experience aging with a greater sense of ease.

Aging with Yoga

It all Begins with Choice 

Starting today, you have a choice on how to navigate this new terrain. You can either continue as you always had, or consider a few proven tools to help you along the journey. One simple formula remains the best advice when it comes to aging well: healthy lifestyle, diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep. We also now know that the brain continues to grow and change throughout our lives, and is influenced by our habitual patterns.

There are a few holistic modalities, once implemented into an everyday routine, which can help reverse the aging clock and maintain a youthful glow & spirit. Let’s explore them here:


A flow state is a captivating sensation of total engagement in an enjoyable task where you experience deep focus and minimal distractions. This is also known as mindfulness. Mindfulness helps us embrace change through accepting its inevitability without any judgment. Aging is here and happening in every moment-how we use it is up to us. This state of presence leads to heightened contentment and satisfaction, resulting in higher productivity with less effort. Work becomes more enjoyable, requiring less time and effort, and relieving stress. This shift improves overall well-being and brings a renewed sense of youthfulness.


Staying connected to girlfriends has proven to be one of the most crucial tips for maintaining a healthy and happy life. By surrounding yourself with endlessly supportive and beautifully like-minded women, you’re filled with inspiration and laughter, contributing to graceful aging. Regular social interactions nourish your soul and provide a sense of belonging that motivates you to self-improve. Whether it’s a cozy gathering, a heartfelt conversation, or a fun outing, these connections revitalize your spirit and create positive shifts in your overall well-being.


Embracing a mindset of self-love is a game-changer. While it’s easier said than done, prioritizing self-care and acknowledging your physical and emotional needs is the essence of self-love. Treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion that you extend to others. This will allow you to celebrate your worth and create a positive foundation for your well-being. Cultivating self-love involves engaging in positive self-talk, actively checking in with yourself and your feelings, and fostering healthy habits that rejuvenate your body and mind. Take the time to engage in activities that bring you joy and nourish your soul, such as spending time outside, going on a retreat, testing out new recipes with loved ones, or simply relaxing. Remember that making time for self-care is not selfish; it is an essential investment in your long-term health and happiness. The power of self-love transcends any fine lines or gray hair and is a reminder that you are beautiful and worthy.


In pursuing healthy aging, addressing the energy fragmentation and depletion that often occurs with age is crucial. Working with a skilled energy healer can help you balance your energy, mind, body, soul, and realign your priorities. Imagine a shattered glass and mending the pieces to make it whole again.


Ongoing learning may help prevent cognitive decline as you age. Sustain old hobbies, try out new ones, or take a class. If you are not working as much, consider volunteering or using your experience to offer consulting services in your community. This will help you not only stay active, but also meet new people and socialize a bit.  


The body’s needs change throughout our lives and our diets should reflect this. Maybe you used to be able to eat or drink whatever you wanted, but now spicy foods upset your stomach, your alcohol tolerance has dropped, or you gain weight more easily. Take the time to re-evaluate the food you eat and make the necessary changes.


Muscle mass starts receding as early as age 30, but exercise can counteract that. Exercise also supports bone density, balance, flexibility, agility, and helps you sleep better. Even 10 minutes, several times a week, can improve your mood & increase your overall fitness. Soget moving!

Yoga class for seniors

Get Started, Wherever You Are

One of the best truths about aging is that you’re never too old to learn! Take the time to examine all the habits that hinder your ability to embrace change. Focus on your diet and exercise to help you physically. Maintain or expand your social circles to provide stimulation, connection, and maybe new experiences. Practice self-love, mindfulness, and meditation to help your mind-body-soul connection. And lastly, If you choose it, you might even find this new landscape, and all the paths and vistas it affords, and welcome change.


About Dvine Healing

As the number one source for Women’s Retreats in Florida, we are dedicated to help you feel better & live better through meaningful change. The goal of our Retreats is to return you to an optimal state of balance, help you reclaim your personal power, reconnect, and gain the clarity you need to transform your life.

We are here to help you on your path with our unique Health & Wellness Retreats for Women in Florida, USA where we incorporate our specialty in Energy Healing Therapy, Metaphysics, Healing Methods, Aromatherapy, Intuitive Guidance, Crystals, and training to help create a unique personal healing experience just for you.

Our professional training and wide range of Healing Modalities provide effective natural solutions to help you move forward into a bright future & achieve a greater sense of well-being. Join Emma in her exclusive Retreats as she helps you expand yourself energetically on all levels so you can start experiencing beautiful shifts in your life. Emma is the founder of Dvine Healing, an Ordained Minister, a Certified Spiritual Healer, Aromatherapist, a Certified Energy Healer, a Life Coach, and an experienced Sound Healer. Through her kindred spirit, wisdom, love, and light Emma has been delivering life changing transformations to souls all over the world.

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