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Signs You Are a Lightworker

Have you ever wondered why you are here? What's your purpose in life? Or just got the feeling there is something different about you, you just can't explain? You are not alone!

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It is not uncommon for those who are not yet aware that they are lightworkers to feel lost, lonely, sad, and out of place. Many lightworkers struggle in their lifetimes and often have had traumatic or unhappy lives and even been tested or tempted. As a lightworker, you may also feel overwhelmed from the amount of darkness and negativity in this world.

If this seems "familiar" and you recognize this as truth on a soul level, it may be because you are a lightworker. Take a look at the following signs and see if any resonates with you and remember-you are not alone.

Signs You Are a Lightworker

1. You intuitively know you are alive for a higher purpose, one that is directly related to awakening & transforming your own life and the lives of others, by helping to raise the collective consciousness of human beings.

2. You are highly intuitive and have had an innate wisdom about life since the time you were young. You are naturally philosophical & spiritual and often perplex people with how you seem to know so much for your age.

3. Though you connect with people easily and it is part of your purpose to help them, you are somewhat of a loner. You are sensitive to other people’s energy and can only take it in doses.

4. Your young life set you up for a series of traumas, challenges and other difficulties. You understand that these were not intended to hurt you, rather to awaken you to the healer you are now.

5. You are constantly on a mission to improve your own life and the lives of those around you. Your core drive in life is to identify what needs to be fixed and how you can possibly make it better. Though this sometimes becomes a shadow of perfectionism, when used the right way, is an incredible gift.

6. You are spiritual, but go astray from religion and your life work is to help people re-internalize their power. Even if you use teachings or principles from one enlightened master or another, you maintain focus on awakening the God within each individual and helping them see their unlimited power, potential, and healing capabilities.

7. You are naturally creative and your healing process often involves some kind of art, writing, or one-on-one healing modality.

8. You are the epitome of an old soul. You are wise, mature, and seem to have the experience of many lifetimes despite being far too young to be as tuned in as you are. "You have the understanding of things that might be dismissed by others," explains urban dictionary.

9. You have always been inexplicably different from your family, friends and peers. Because of this you may have struggled to find your “tribe” or feel as though you fit in anywhere.

10. You are constantly coming into deeper self-awareness about yourself and your life. Through your ongoing journey of awakening and healing you continue to shine light on the shadow aspects that most people reject and deny.

11. You are an extremely powerful manifestor and understand the law of attraction. When you think or focus on something clearly, you receive it or are able to create it in very short amounts of time.

12. You are naturally drawn to ancient spiritual texts about energy and ascension and you resonate more with eastern philosophies than western.

13. You are almost psychic in your ability to intuit what other people are thinking, feeling, or need in order to heal.

14. You know you are here in this life to dissolve your old karmic patters and to break into a new level of consciousness and awareness. You understand that your purpose here is not just a job or a task, but rather, to just become who you are meant to be.

15. Your main objective in life is self-growth. You are always focused on how you can better yourself and know that the best years of your life are yet to come.

16. You feel a strong connection to nature and believe it is the closest we can get to becoming most aligned with source.

17. At one or multiple point(s) in your life, you experienced an intense spiritual awakening. Your worldview shattered and you were forced to purge out all of the limiting beliefs that were once holding you back. You understand that awakening can be an exhausting, sometimes painful process, but that it is often necessary.

18. You can sense you are part of a global effort to raise people’s consciousness. This is not to say that you are enlightened and others aren’t, it is just to say you learned your lessons a little sooner, so that you can help others through their own.

Final Thoughts

If you have identified with the above signs and this resonates with you on a soul level, you are most likely a lightworker. You are here for a reason and now is the time to begin the journey of your life's work.


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